Daycare Fee

$20.00/ day

Daycare includes:

  • Group Play and activities 8:30am to 4:00 pm
  • 1 small area for small dog's
  • 2 large dog play area
  • Fully fenced outdoor play yards featuring soft premium pet turf, pools, and shaded resting areas.
  • Constant supervision, interaction, games and activities
  • Highly trained and certified staff

Daycare packages 10-day pass for $162

Daycare Hours:
Monday- Friday open 7am pick up 4 to 7pm

Introductory Fee (Evaluation)


Temperament evaluation is required.
No aggressive dogs towards humans or other dogs.

No Show Fee




Created for dogs who struggle in traditional daycare groups

Day School includes

One on one activities
Brain games
Outdoor walks
Scent play
Fun obedience
Enrichment games
Treadmill fun

Day School Hours:
Monday and Thursday only